About us
Share your ride with us and always feel at home...

BC Ride makes a brave and unprecedented step in the field of Armenian high-quality service. BC Ride provides everyone, who appreciates the comfort and full value of their journey, with all the necessary things, breaking all the stereotypes about the inconveniences of a long journey and giving you an opportunity to enjoy the unique pleasure of traveling. It is no coincidence that BC Ride has adopted a philosophy that is based on luxury, comfort and safety. Share your ride with us and always feel at home...

Who are BC Ride clients?

BC Ride says

  • “welcome” to all those who came to our country to discover the tourist charms of Armenia.
  • BC Ride says “reduce your expenses with benefit” to all those who value their time too much to spend it on searching for a parking lot and hiring a driver. By the way, you can trust us not only with your, but also with your guests’ transportation.
  • BC Ride says “enjoy an irreplaceable sense of luxury and comfort” to all those who truly appreciate them.
  • BC Ride says “trust us with the provision of service to your high-ranking and official guests” to all those who want to see the gratification of these guests.
  • BC Ride says “we take the responsibility for providing service during your official and high-level events” to all those for whom the success of these events is important.